Minesweeper Challenge #3

The classic Minesweeper puzzle game.
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Minesweeper Challenge #3

Post by admin » Tue Dec 10, 2019 9:54 am

Hello Minesweeper fans!

We are the developer of a classic Minesweeper game for Android.

We invite you to complete a Minesweeper expert challenge.

The first one that completes the game under 300 seconds would receive a Google Play/iTunes gift card worth $10.


- Challenge will expire in 1 week Dec 17 12:00PM GMT if there is no solution received.

- You must play this challenge on our Android phone app. You can open the challenge by clicking on the above Challenge link.

- Of course your result is only valid if you have not seen the bombs for this challenge before (no undo or previous lost). Note that a lost won't show all bombs in the game.

- After you finish the game please share the completion link/screenshot here or send to "contact@popoko.live" to claim the prize.

Happy Minesweeping!! :)