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Onet Puzzle is a classic tile matching game for everyone to play and relax. Connect pairs of matching animals to score.
Your task is to find pairs and remove all tiles from the field before the time is up. The path between two tiles can't have more than three lines or two 90 degree angles though. Play strategically because if there is no possible move left to link two tiles, the board reshuffles.

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Simple but smart chess app! Fun to play and practice chess for beginners and advanced chess players.
Featured in Games Keys and Free Apps For Me

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The best classic Minesweeper game for your device. Just like the old times. Featured in AndroidAppsForMe.

✔ Classic Minesweeper gameplay, closest to the original
✔ Undo: no longer afraid of accidental clicks
✔ 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert

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Classic Gomoku game for your device. Featured in AppsLikeThese.

Gomoku (Five in a Row) is a strategy board game played on a Go board. The first player to get an unbroken row of five stones wins the game.

Also known as Caro, Omok or Gobang, it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board with 15x15 intersections.

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Color Lines

Play Color Lines to have fun and relax your mind.

Color Lines - easy to play, hard to master, this game will challenge your logic skills to clear lines of colorful balls from a grid. Featured in Games Keys.

This fun and addictive logic puzzle game features a grid that is filled with colorful balls. Move one ball per turn to attempt to make a line of at least 5 same colored balls. If no such lines are created, three new balls will be spawned. If the board fills up, the game is over.

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Xiangqi ( 象棋 / Chinese Chess )

Classic Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) game.

Xiangqi (象棋) also called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China and Vietnam, and is in the same family as Western (or international) chess.

The game represents a battle between two armies, with the object of capturing the enemy's general.

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Classic 2048 game.

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Shogi ( 将棋 / Japanese Chess )

Classic Japanese Chess (Shogi) game.

Shogi (将棋, shōgi), also known as Japanese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in Japan. Shōgi means general's (shō 将) board game (gi 棋).

Shogi was the earliest chess-related historical game to allow captured pieces to be returned to the board by the capturing player.

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Janggi ( 장기 / Korean Chess )

Classic Korean Chess (Janggi) game.

Janggi, sometimes called Korean chess, is a strategy board game popular on the Korean Peninsula.

The game was derived from Xiangqi (Chinese chess), and is very similar to it, including the starting position of some of the pieces, and the 9×10 gameboard, but without the xiangqi "river" dividing the board horizontally in the middle.

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Classic board game: 圍棋/Weiqi/Baduk.

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

The standard Go board has a 19×19 grid of lines, containing 361 points. Beginners often play on smaller 9×9 and 13×13 boards.

Despite its relatively simple rules, Go is extremely complex.

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Four in a Row

Classic Connect Four (4 in a Row) game.

Four in a Row (Connect Four) is a two-player connection game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the next available space within the column. The objective of the game is to connect four of one's own discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent.

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Classic Othello game.

Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. During a play, any disks of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disk just placed and another disk of the current player's color are turned over to the current player's color. The object of the game is to have the majority of disks turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled.

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One of the best classic Solitaire apps!

Klondike is a patience game (solitaire card game). In the U.S. and Canada, Klondike is the best-known solitaire card game.

The first objective is to release and play into position certain cards to build up each foundation, in sequence and in suit, from the ace through the king. The ultimate objective is to build the whole pack onto the foundations, and if that can be done, the Solitaire game is won.

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One of the best classic Solitaire apps!

FreeCell is a solitaire card game played using the standard 52-card deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that very few deals are unsolvable, and all cards are dealt face-up from the very beginning of the game.

The game is won after all cards are moved to their foundation piles.

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Classic Sudoku game for beginners and experts. There are millions of Sudoku puzzles of 4 difficulties. Supports automatic error checking, hints, note taking and more.

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หมากรุกไทย (Makruk / Thai Chess)

Classic Makruk (Thai Chess) game.

Makruk (Thai: หมากรุก), or Thai chess, is a board game that is descended from the 6th-century Indian game of chaturanga or a close relative thereof, and is therefore related to chess.

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Classic American Checkers (English Draughts) game.

Checkers is the timeless game which has delighted young and old alike for thousands of years. At the same time both simple and complex, it has survived despite the popularity of other game genres and is played by thousands of people.

English draughts or American Checkers, also called straight checkers or simply draughts, is a form of the strategy board game checkers (or draughts).

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